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Research supporting PCTI/USC's Health Navigation program

In 2012, a randomized control trial conducted by John Brekke, Ph.D., Associate Dean of Research at the USC School of Social Work, focused on 24 Pacific Clinics consumers diagnosed with severe mental illness.

Better Health Outcomes: The study found that after receiving continuous Health Navigation for six months, consumers reported a 50% reduction in the number of reported health problems. For instance, there was an 80% decrease in chest pain; 50% in headaches; 60% in nausea and abdominal pain; and a 35 – 45% decline in dizziness and easy bruising. Other conditions that were reduced included hearing difficulties, allergies, hay fever, muscle/joint pain, fever/sweats and loss of coordination.

Cost-Savings through Appropriate Use of Outpatient Services: The consumers' preferred location of healthcare services also changed significantly, with the preference for emergency rooms being eliminated (a decrease of 33% to 0%). After receiving Health Navigation, consumers' preference for appropriate outpatient medical care increased from 45% to 83%.

Health Navigation demonstrates considerable promise through positively improving health care outcomes and health care utilization. For more information on the Health Navigation study see:

Reducing Health Disparities for People with Serious Mental Illness (PDF)

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